A Leap Day Wedding!!! One of the luckiest days of the year (or every fourth year). I certainly felt very fortunate to be asked to officiate Tracey and Allen’s wedding and on such a special day, YIPEEE! It was clear from the first meeting with this lovely couple that I was going to love working with them. I couldn’t wait to get started on creating their unique Wedding Ceremony.

Tracey and Allen are such a positive and optimistic pair, especially considering the trials they had faced in arranging their wedding. They had initially booked to get married on a cruise but this was sadly cancelled as the travel company is no longer in business. But this did not stop the couple in their tracks. They dusted themselves off and came up with Plan B…. Meeeeee!

Tracey and Allen are the perfect team. Tracey is so much fun but with military-style organisational skills, and exceptional taste. Allen is so funny, with comedy timing and such a calming nature. Their wedding was bound to be a fun and fabulous event. Throw in a love affair with all things related to Tiffany’s and their wedding was destined to be a classy and sophisticated occasion.

During the lead up to the wedding, we were preparing to have to battle against the elements. The weather forecast was threatening snow, sleet, rain and everything in-between. However, I knew it wouldn’t be anything other than sunshine for this happy couple and I wasn’t disappointed. The morning of their big day, the skies cleared and the sun popped his hat on. Hip hip hip hurray!

Tracey and Allen chose to have their wedding ceremony at Alder Root Golf Club in Warrington and I was in awe at how stunning it looked. The views over the vast golf course and neighbouring countryside added such beauty to their special day and the staff there were on hand with drinks for guests. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

When the guests started to enter, there was such a lovely buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air. As a Celebrant, one of my favourite parts is watching the smiles and love exchanged between family and friends at a wedding. I can’t help but be swept up in it all and often have to swipe away a sneaky happy tear.

Tracey and Allen had stressed how important their family and friends are and wanted them to be involved in the ceremony. I suggested a mini ceremony called ‘Warming The Rings’. While seated, guests passed around Tracey and Allen’s wedding rings. These were safely stored in a Tiffany bag of course. Each guest took a moment, while holding the rings, to say a silent wish for the couple’s future together. Then, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived. We all watched in admiration as our beautiful bride walked down the aisle escorted by her brother, children and bridesmaids.

Before I began the ceremony, Tracey and Allen briefly exited through the doors behind me as they had arranged a dove release for their guests to see. I love this idea and the symbolism behind this. Celebrants are suckers for any kind of meaningful and visual theatre during a ceremony.

Doves are symbolic of newlyweds as they work together, as a team, on a journey of discovery. They rely on each other to overcome any obstacles along the way. They instinctively know where home is, as it’s wherever they are, together.

As a fun-loving couple, Tracey and Allen understandably wanted a ceremony that reflected their personalities and I knew just the thing. Tracey and Allen jumped at the idea of a Cocktail Ceremony as part of their celebrations.

With a little guidance, they each picked a cocktail that suited their personalities. Tracey’s cocktail was the Margarita with its mix of sweet and tangy flavours paired with enough tequila to make you happy and the right amount of orange liqueur to get the party started.

Allen chose a Strawberry Daiquiri. Just like Allen, this cocktail is sweet and chilled on the outside but playful and fun-loving like the spiced rum mixed within it.

A good celebrant will spend a long time getting to know their couples. This allows us to create a truly personalised ceremony that captures the essence of their personalities and their identity as a couple. I genuinely care about all of my clients, which allows me to learn their love story and what they want from their future together.

With Tracey and Allen, our time together taught me what was important in their relationship. They love each other deeply and are there for each other through thick and thin. They love to travel the world together and plan to carry on doing this in the years to come. Most importantly, they are best friends. Knowing all this assisted me to tailor their vows to include all these precious details into every line. Listening to Tracey and Allen commit themselves to one another, whilst speaking their vows, was such an honour and a privilege.

Mr and Mrs Wright, I wish you and your beautiful children a lifetime of love and happiness together. Thank you for choosing me to be your Celebrant.

Laura xxx

Venue: Alder Root Golf Club, Warrington

Photographs taken by Paul Bell Wedding Photographer