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Are the ceremonies that you perform legally binding?

At the moment, if a couple wishes to be legally married or to enter into a civil partnership in England and Wales, then they must complete the legal formalities at a register office. This is around £55 to complete, plus your notification of intention to marry fee, which is about £35 each. This totals approximately £125. Most couples view this as getting the ‘legal bit’ out of the way and is normally done the same morning or a few days before the wedding ceremony. My couples tend to save the vows, readings, exchange of rings, posh clobber and all the things that make it special until the ceremony they have with me, in front of the people that are special to them. But… fingers crossed, us celebrant folk will soon be able to complete the legal bits too but I’ll keep you posted on if/when then happens.

Why choose a humanist celebrant to led your ceremony?

Following the completion of the legal paperwork, a celebrant can spend lots of time getting to know you and many hours crafting your unique ceremony that encapsulates your beautiful love story. Sadly, registrars carry out multiple ceremonies every single day, which leaves no room for creativity and choice. At a register office wedding or civil partnership, you are normally offered a selection of vows to choose from and a reading if you are lucky and the whole thing is often over in 10 minutes. 

Due to the current legislation, registrars are only able to carry out ceremonies on licenced premises within certain times of the day. Celebrants are able to deliver ceremonies whenever and wherever the couple chooses.

I can sculpt your ceremony to include whatever and whoever you like. However, being a humanist, I draw the line at including any religious elements I'm afraid.The weddings I deliver are non-religious and, therefore, all about the two of you.


In addition, I also only deliver one ceremony per day. That way I have plenty of time to dedicate to you and your big day and if, for any reason, there is a delay in the start of the ceremony I can be there to keep guests entertained and can stay later than planned. This also allows me to include as much or as little content as you like. 

Are there any restrictions to the time of the ceremonies or the destination?

As long as it is safe to do so, and we have the permission of the land owner or appropriate person, then you can have your ceremony wherever and whenever you like. 8pm in a candle lit garden, 6am on a beach lit by the sunrise, hotels, parks.... The choice is yours.

We would like to involve our children in our wedding ceremony. Is this possible?

You’re darn tootin’. I had my children before I married my husband and I loved being able to involve them as it was a special day for all of us. Depending on their age and confidence we can discuss a multitude of options. They could do a reading? Sing a song? Do a dance? Plant a tree? Light a candle? Give their parents a kiss before their vows? Whatever you like, we can do it. That goes for all other significant people too. We can find a role for all those important people, even the whole of the guest list. 

I’m shy and don’t like much fuss. Do I have to write my own vows?

I will help and support you to do whatever makes your day happy and enjoyable for you. If you don't like being the centre of attention I will make sure your ceremony reflects this so you feel confident and comfortable.


Speaking in public can be daunting for anybody. Believe me I know! This can place a lot of pressure on couples when it comes to writing and saying their vows. If you would like to write your own vows then I absolutely encourage this. After all, it is your promises you are making to each other. If not, I can support you with writing vows that represent your thoughts and feelings towards each other. If you are not comfortable with reading your vows aloud then I can read them for you, and you can reply with “I do.” There are so many options to cater for your needs and wishes.

What are the “symbolic actions’ you mentioned?

There are so many of these and I would be over the moon to discuss them in more detail with you when we meet. There is First Kiss, Last Kiss, Handfasting, Sand Ceremonies, Unity Candles, Jumping The Broom, The Gift of A Rose and so many more. 

Can we involve our pets in our ceremony?

Yes, yes, YES!!!. As long as there is no danger to anybody else then yes PLEASE do? I love animals and have my very own cheeky puppy. I also point you in the direction of someone to take care of your pet before and after the ceremony. I can personally recommend Annabel at if you are looking for some support with your pooch on your big day.

Are you insured?

Yes I am fully insured through Humanists UK and can provide my insurance documents should you wish to see them.

What is your favourite genre of music?

80’s power ballads all the way baby!!!!

Can you describe your perfect day?

It's not really the forum for talking about Channing Tatum and a desert island so I will go with this... Waking up full of excitement for the day’s ceremony ahead. Bacon and egg on toast (ketchup NOT brown sauce). Then showtime! Delivering and coordinating the ceremony and being so fortunate to witness the love, laughter and happy tears and trying not to cry myself. Knowing that I have supported a couple and/or family to have the best day possible truly is the most amazing feeling. Then, when I’ve said farewell, heading home and out for a long summer walk with my husband, our 3 kids and our very naughty but loveable dog, Loki. Bliss!

Any other questions please get in touch.

Laura xxx

P.s. I was going to change the image below but I love the random shoe, tights, glass and whisk combo that Wix put on so it's staying! I have no idea what sort of business would use this image but I am there for it. Any answers welcome! 

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