As a Celebrant, I love searching for modern and creative ways to enhance the ceremonies I create for couples and for families. Recently, I have been looking at ways to blend the traditional and classic symbolic actions we know and love with something new and exciting and, by Jove, I have surpassed myself this time!

Sand ceremonies are one of my favourite mini ceremonies or symbolic elements to include in a ceremony. I mean, who doesn’t love playing with sand? I have spent a long time making sure that I know how to deliver sand ceremonies with expertise and have ironed out any rookie errors. I also love my business name. It’s very personal to me and is a constant reminder of the joy I bring to people…… Sooooo why not combine the two? Wait for it…..

Then (here’s the extra special bit), as you say your vows to each other or your promises to your child or children, you place each pre-written promise, already in it’s own teeny vial, into the sand ceremony vase. Not only does this look amazing but it’s such a romantic and meaningful keepsake. You can also take them out and re-read them, whenever you like.

I can help you to write your vows or promises or you can write them yourself, whichever makes you feel most comfortable. Your vows can be romantic and heart-warming or funny and unexpected. Each promise made is beautiful in its’ own way and each is so very unique, special and meaningful. They deserve to be kept and displayed forever.

I am currently the only Celebrant to be offering this unique twist on a classic ceremony and I am so excited to be able to offer it to my clients first. It has such meaning and beautiful symbolism and makes an awesome visual representation of your love for each other.